Spam Filtering Tips

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Spam Filtering Tips

Postby daveg » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:05 am


From time to time people ask us about ways they can cut down on spam. I've attached some useful tips below.

1. Never "forward" or "reply" to spam email
Every time you reply you validate your email address and will be added to more spam email lists.

2. Never "Unsubscribe" to spam email
Every time you do this you are adding yourself to even more spam lists.

3. Just delete the spam email without reading it or opening it
You can usually tell spam from the To address and/or the Subject.

4. Set up a filter
Set up a filter to automatically delete know spam using your Outlook or Outlook Express "organize" or "Junk Mail" features.

5. Never give out your email address while on-line
Never give out your email address while on-line to gain access to a website, or for any other reason, unless you trust the source.

6. Never allow your email address to be included in "group" emails
Never allow your email address to be included in "group" emails where everyone in the group can see your email address. If you see your email address in a long list, email the sender to remove you at once.

7. Be careful of Unsubscribe
Remember that spammers use tricks to send you their email. They will entice you "Unsubscribe" or "reply". They will send you email that is actually addressed to others and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to you. They will make the spam email look like it came from someone else. You can not always trust the "From" address.

8. Do not give your email address to unknown sources
Spammers target their victims by collecting random email addresses from several sources. Likely sources are from email you sent to unknown sources, email you received from others as part of a group or list, and from forward emails that did not have your email address removed first. Other sources are from completing on-line forms and registering for FREE stuff on the internet, including daily joke and picture email lists. Anytime you give out your email address you are increasing the risk of receiving more spam. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN GIVING OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO UNKNOWN SOURCES.

9. Disable your catch-all address
Disable your catch-all account in your hosting control panel. ( This makes it a lot harder for spammers to guess your email address.

10. Disguise any email addresses on your web page
Disguise any email addresses on your web page. This is pretty easy to do: one method is to just say:

yourname <at> yourdomain.tld

By doing this you allow most people to still access your email address, but you effectively prevent automated software programs that scan hundreds of thousands of web pages for spammable emails from having access to it.

For an even more sophisticated way to do this, go to: ... dspam.html

Then "view the source" of this page in your web browser. If you go down to the bottom you will note that the link that is labeled "email us" is ENCODED with special characters that show up in the source code of the web page but are hidden on the web browser. The %20 is a space and the %40 is an @ sign. The HTML looks something like this, and it seems to work for us!

11. Dont post your email address (Like I did below) :-)
Dont post your email address. Once your email address has been placed on a website (personal or corporate) or entered into an online guest book, newsgroup, contact list, ezine, chat room, or a host of other online activities, you have just invited a spammer to take your email address. Spammers "harvest" your emails through programs called spiders, crawlers, and bots. These programs scour the web for email addresses to be used in the spammers future email campaigns.
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Free deputyemails

Postby Myname » Mon Sep 11, 2006 11:17 am

Hi Dave just letting you know there is a web site called that give you free deputyemails you get a list of emails addresses which can only be used once then they are deleted no more spam.
use them for most of what you discribe above.
If you need to give your email to any site your not sure of
use a deputyemail address.
By registering with them any email address you use will relay the message to your real email address. The sender will never know your real email address
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Re: Spam Filtering Tips

Postby xeminytoru » Wed Sep 18, 2019 11:14 am

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