Customizable DNS now available on Helm

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Customizable DNS now available on Helm

Postby daveg » Mon Oct 23, 2006 10:56 am


Customizable DNS is now available on all Helm hosting accounts. The Customizable DNS service allows you to make the following additions or modifications:

* A records
* CNAME records
* MX records
* Sub domains

These records are the basis of the zone. They are used to set an IP address to correspond with a web host. The purpose of this is to set where the host will be "redirected", such as setting the "" host to point to the IP of the web server where the files are stored. They are also used with MX records to set up a host, "," that points to the IP address of the mail server that will be accepting e-mail related to this domain.

Creates an alias of a host name. The alias gains all properties of the original, including IP addresses and mail routes. An example of a CNAME record would be "," which would point to ""

MX Records set the location of the server that all electronic mail will be sent to. A domain name can have multiple mail routes, each one with its own entry, and each given a numerical priority. The lower the number, the higher the priority. If one fails, the request goes to the next in the list. MX records can only point to a host, never an IP.

A sub domain, such as "" is set to an IP, using an A record, or a host, using a CNAME record. Two examples that almost all domains have set up are "" (typically, this is set up, and the "" record is not) and "".
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