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Postby Nick9 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:09 am

Need help finding your perfect vape? Our complete vaporizer shopping guide will ask the right questions and make the right suggestions from among our best vapes, so you can find your new favorite vape.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers dozens of vaporizers in our store. This wide range in choice means that we likely have the perfect vape for you, but it can also make it difficult to find the right one from among the many vapes we sell.

This nuanced guide will help you to navigate the vaporizers in our store to find the one that works best for you. First, though, let’s look at the parts of the vape. We will be referencing these terms while we help you shop.

What are the Parts of the Vape?
Regardless of the vape you choose, it will have the same general parts. We will reference these parts regularly in this guide to help you best choose the options you want in your vape.

Battery or Power Source: All vaporizers will need a power source in order to work. Vapes turn this electrical power into heat in order to bring your vape material to its vaporization point. Most vapes use a battery, but some tabletop models use a cord, meaning you’ll be tied to a wall outlet when you vape.

Atomizer or Heat Source: As we mentioned above, your vape will turn electrical power into heat. This is done by a heating source like an atomizer or coil for example. This heat is then applied to your vape material (dry herb, wax, oil, liquid, etc.) to heat it to its vaporization point to create vapor you can inhale.

Tank or Chamber: Your vape will also a place for you to load your vape material to be vaped. This is often called a tank or chamber. In some cases, the tank is combined with the atomizer in a single unit. These are typically called cartridges. They are sometimes available prefilled with vape material and can be thrown away once the prefilled material is gone.

Mouthpiece: This is the part of the vape that you will use to inhale the vapor. It will extend out from the vape so that you can put it to your lips and inhale. In larger tabletop models, this might be a long rubber tube.

Want to learn more about the parts of the vape? Click here.

What Do You Want to Vape?
To choose your perfect vaporizer, first you’ll need to decide what you intend to vape. Vape material falls into one of three categories: dry herb, waxes and similar concentrates, and oils and liquids.

Dry Herbs
Are you interested in vaping dry herb with your vape? These vapes work by heating a chamber to bring the active compounds in your dry herb to their vaporization point without combusting the material. Here are three great vapes to get you started vaping dry herbs.
How Important Is Size/Portability?
Another way to think about it is this: where do you plan to use your vape? Knowing where you will use your vape most helps you decide how important size will be when choosing a new vaporizer. Will you use it mostly at home or will you be taking it with your wherever you go?

If you will be vaping only at home, then a tabletop vape will work well for you. These sturdy units will usually need an electrical outlet to plug in to, making them hard to move around, but if you won’t be taking your vape with you, then the power, convection heating, customizable temperature, and capacity of these larger vapes make them stand out against smaller vapes. When shopping for a tabletop vape, the Volcano is a smart choice. One of the first vaporizers on the scene, it remains the gold standard in at home vapes.
Not as large as tabletop vapes, these handheld units combine many of the high end features common in tabletop vapes with a more manageable size. While handheld vapes are more portable than tabletop vapes, they aren’t nearly as discreet as vape pens. However, they offer a balance of size, features, and customization that can’t be found in tabletop or pen style vapes. The Apollo Airvape, about the size of a larger smartphone, is fully customizable and comes with interchangeable parts to shift between dry herb and extracts.
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Postby nath5 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:55 am

I thought I know everything about vaping, but I never heard about a toubletop in my life before, how come. The vaping market is so abundant, everyone can pick the most adequate device I guess. I started with a usual e-cig as an ex-smoker, but currently prefer an oil cartridge vaporizerwith Stiiizy Battery as my therapist advised me cannabidiol as a perfect remedy from chronic pains.
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