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Re: Wireless Broadband in Rathfarnham/Balinteer

Postby daveg » Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:23 pm


Thank you for contacting us, I've attached answers to your questions below.

1. I am assuming that the wireless service is available due to the flyer coming through the door. Is this correct ?
Yes that's correct.

2. Due to the above restrictive options in BB service in the area, I had been considering WiMax recently but did not progress for various reasons. What are the key differences between yourselves and WIMax in the wireless sphere.
Well our broadband is much quicker than Wimax because we use a point to point link and install a wireless router in your house. So you'll have Wifi all around your house. Wimax is a mobile broadband solution that works quite like what O2 or Vodafone offer but its much slower and more expensive than what we offer. As a general rule (but its not always the case) if you have poor mobile phone coverage I'd keep away from these systems as they very often share the same towers. Our system will either work or not work ... we can tell you that from the day we install it.

3. I like the 30 days returns policy.
Yes we are confident our service works!! :)

4. When your Enterprise Plan says 'Up To 24Mbs', what does 'Up to' mean ? Does it hover at 12 and occasionally gets up to 24 ? What are the trends?
Up to 24Mbps means just that, it would be unrealistic for any broadband operator to guarantee you 24Mbps because broadband networks work by sharing bandwidth. ISP's purchase their bandwidth from multinational upstream providers and they share this between all their customers. So you might ask why are we different? Well the answer is that our main business is servers and we have our own data centre. 90% of our network traffic is upload but we pay for upload and download. Since we have so much download traffic that's not being utilized we decided to start selling broadband connections and we have a LOT of bandwidth to spare ! So we have a really great network and of course we keep our contention ratio's low on our base stations so you wont be fighting with other broadband users to get a good connection.

5. How many home users are currently availing of the service and what are satisfaction levels like ? (be honest !!).
We have been in business for 10 years doing servers however we only started around 9 months ago selling broadband to residential users. Its early days for us yet but we added 200 new broadband connections in that period and although I don't talk to every customers I've only had good reports back. Please try us out and we wont let you down.

6. I have read nightmare stories on the various forums about inconsistent Wireless performance (not about Web World specifically) and that deterred me from Wimax. How confident are you I'd be a happy customer for life ?
Well unlike every other provider in the country we put our money where our mouth is. You can see we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and we don't tie customers into contracts. We have no setup charges and we are quick to do installs. Its our job to keep you happy or we will loose the business.
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