What vape kits has the fastest firing speed?

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What vape kits has the fastest firing speed?

Postby Nick9 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:52 pm

This will depend on what type of mod you’re using, which settings, the amount of charge left in the battery, type of coil and resistance, and type of atomizer. A dual battery mod set to 100+ watts will fire a lot faster than a pen or a pod system. Coils with more mass take longer to heat up, using sub ohm tanks with 6–12 coils require a bit more power than ones with less. Lower ohm coils need more power too, it will take longer to fire up a .2 ohm coil at the same setting than at .5 ohms.

What’s your style of vaping? If you like large, warm/hot clouds you’ll want a good high power mod with some decent batteries. For 18650s nothing beats the Sony vct5a in my opinion. When it comes to 20700s go with the Sanyo A. For 21700s the Samsung 30T wins hands down with that 35amp limit. Better batteries hit harder, have less voltage sag initially, and are safer. For lower power vaping this isn’t as important as far as speed or strength of hit but using lesser quality batteries is never recommended.

As far as the chip and type of mod specifically, there isn’t too much drastic difference between them. A mod is just a power source, most kits come with a mod and sub ohm tank to match and a few coil options. Play around with some different power settings. Nothing beats building your own coils when it comes to a hard, fast hitting vape but do so at your own risk only after thoroughly educating yourself on ohm’s law and battery safety.
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Re: What vape kits has the fastest firing speed?

Postby nath5 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:44 am

Never thought about such a feature like firing speed, really .. I just a reliable vape shop and try to stick to it, usually these are guys from the USA GypsyVapes. The most recent purchase is evod twist 3 (a vape pen battery that can be used with multiple attachments).
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Re: What vape kits has the fastest firing speed?

Postby NathanJamieson » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:46 pm

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