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Postby Firma » Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:48 am

Has anyone around started updating hardware / software for IPv6?

Some of my scripts currently use IPv4 address for some functions and I'm in the process of upgrading the code. Just wondering if anyone else is having to do the same? :?
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Re: IPv6

Postby daveg » Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:31 pm

Hi Firma,

IPv6 is supported on all our routers and servers but we aren't using it here yet. I think that a lot of administrators (including myself) perfer IPv4 because these addresses are easy to remember and work with. I have a feeling that they are going to have to fix this problem is they want to get more people using it.
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Re: IPv6

Postby licuzih » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:08 am

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